We meet every Sunday at 10am - one way or another!

As restrictions change, the way we are meeting will also change. From 18th April, we will be meeting outside at the Pennington Social Club, 17 Lodge Road, SO41 8HH.

We need to be careful of our numbers for public health reasons, so if you are visiting us, please email  james@anchorchurch.org.uk, so that we can make sure there is a space for you. Our sermons also go on our Youtube channel each week.

Our services start at 10am, and last for about an hour. We listen to engaging Bible teaching, pray and sing (whilst outside we can sing!) We are looking forward to when it will be safe to meet people over tea and coffee after our services again.

Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve been a Christian for many years or whether you have no idea what to make of it all. Come and join us. You’ll hear God’s words and experience the church family God’s words have made. We think it’s a very special time – even under current restrictions!

Our children stay in with us during the service. We want them to be as much a part of our family gathering as they can be. We recognise that a sermon can be hard for them, though, so there are activities which they can do during this time. Our children will have had their own time looking at our Bible reading during the week (Friday Club). New children are always welcome!

The social club is all on one level and we will be pleased to help anyone who requires assistance. There is a car park and parking available in the surrounding area. If you’re coming to join us, please park considerately for our neighbours.