We meet every Sunday at 10am

Pennington Infant School, 1A Priestlands Road, SO41 8HX

In the School Hall – follow the signs from the car park

Our services start at 10am, and last for about an hour. We listen to engaging Bible preaching, we pray and we sing. Once a month we share the Lord’s Supper.

Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve been a Christian for many years or whether you have no idea what to make of it all. Come and join us. You’ll hear God’s words and you’ll experience the church family God’s words have made. We think it’s a very special time. Nobody is asked to do anything they feel uncomfortable with. If you want to just sit and watch what we do, that’s absolutely fine!

After the service, we serve refreshments – tea, coffee and very often some home-made cakes or biscuits! People stay to chat. There is the opportunity to sit down and talk and pray with someone if there is something on your mind. 

Every six weeks or so, we have a Church Lunch. Everyone is invited to the Pastor’s House for lunch after church. It’s always a really fun time!

Our children stay in with us during the service. We want them to be as much a part of our family gathering as they can be. We recognise that it can be hard for them, though, so there are activities which they can do during this time. Families have tables to sit at, on which there are colouring pens and some activity sheets relating to the Bible reading for the day. Families are welcome to bring whatever they need to help their children be part of our gathering. We expect a bit of noise!

Our children will have had their own time looking at our Bible reading during the week (Friday Club). New children are always welcome to this too.

There is a car park at the school and parking is available in the surrounding area. If you’re coming to join us, please park considerately for our neighbours. The school is all on one level and we will be pleased to help anyone who requires assistance. There is a small step from the playground into the school hall.

Email, if you would like to know more.

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Sunday Morning preaching

We believe the Bible is God’s Word, so our preaching is always based on a Bible passage. We work our way through various books of the Bible, in series of about six weeks each before looking at something else. We think this is much more interesting than whatever the Pastor might otherwise have in his head each week! And we find it to be relevant too.   

Sunday evenings

Occasionally we meet on Sunday evenings, in someone’s lounge, to think a bit more about a topic. These are the sessions we have planned for 2024:

February 4th – Bible languages: it’s all Greek to me

April 21st – Children and Church

June 30th – The Thirty Nine Articles: what are they and why do they matter?

September 8th – How to run a church

November 10th – The End: what, when and how

Guests are welcome. If you’ve got questions about Christianity, then one of these seminars might be just for you!

Email if you have any questions.