Home made videos

Our own videos, made by members of Anchor Church.

Members of Anchor Church talk about what life has been like during the pandemic, what’s been hard, and what gives them hope.

Our Christmas video for 2020. Ever hear that recording of Silent Night with a news report playing over it? What would that sound like for 2020?…

Fully God, fully man – when you think about who the baby is who was born in Bethlehem, it really is amazing!

Videos used in our services

Not made by us! Here are some of our favourite videos which we’ve used in our services.

Some videos by Glen Scrivener

There are many more great videos like these available on the Speak Life website.

For Remembrance Sunday – what ceases war?

We all know the stereotypical love story – but who is it for?

Life according to Jesus, in 3-2-1.

And some others we’ve used

A two-part spoken word for Easter, powerfully telling the story from Peter’s perspective. Made by the Bible Society with Dai Woolridge.

A great video from Christianity Explored, which summarises the good news of Jesus.